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Texts, Tweets and Other Ways NOT To Talk

file-20190318-28502-irx4gz.jpgWith a few swift key strikes, your case could go down in flames. If you think I'm exaggerating, think about Tiger Woods, Jesse James or, for you Detroiters, Kwame Kilpatrick, and think again. It's easy in our social networking gluttony, where friends from way-back-when are an internet connection away and your computer keyboard is your sounding board, to rant about your case. After all, it is mostly free, you don't have to pay your lawyer or your therapist to listen to you, your spouse or ex is not your friend or follower, everyone who is your friend and follower wants to know what's going on, and a status update or a wall post is the easiest way to tell them how you feel - exactly how you feel. And that's the problem.


imagesINL8M6IA.jpgSettling into the school routine is tough enough. When you are a newly separated family, settling in can be - and usually is - even tougher. You have new homes, new bus routes, new morning and bedtime routines - we could go on and on. This, on top of new teachers, new classmates and new school parents to deal with, many of them judgey.


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