Jennifer M Paine

"Thank you, Attorney Jennifer Paine, for helping me and my family. You did a great job for us and it did not go unnoticed. Your skill and hard work is truly appreciated -I offer you my thanks, and my endorsement, as you are a capable and effective attorney. Please feel free to use me as a reference. My kids owe you a debt they'll likely never know or be able to repay. PS - just to let you know: You may have singlehandedly renewed my faith in the city of Detroit!"

- Client Review for a Kent County Custody Matter

"I appreciate you so much not only for meeting with me, talking to me, and offering your help! Being shot down so many times, just to have a few people in my corner does my heart good! Thank you for being here and advising me. I could never repay you for your time and efforts. Again thank you!"  

- Client Review for a Wayne County CPS Matter

"It is only because of this firm that I am able to see my son after three years. Jennifer Paine really listens and fights for her clients."

-Client Review for a Midland County Custody Matter