Solving Family Law And Estate Planning Problems

Jennifer M Paine

Navigating family matters can be difficult. The legal process is confusing, and the stress can be great when the state of your marriage, your assets or your children are involved. If there is conflict in the relationship, tensions are heightened, and you may not know where to turn.

Planning for the future is stressful in its own way. Making sure that you and your family are prepared will ease the stress and prevent confusion in your wills and trusts.

In any of these situations, you need an attorney who is client-oriented and knowledgeable in family law and estate planning.

At Pinnacle Family Law in Novi, Michigan, we will help you become more informed of your options and provide sound legal advice. Whether you are experiencing divorce, adopting a child or formulating an estate plan, we make your problem our problem.

Working With You

Jennifer M. Paine is the primary lawyer at Pinnacle Family Law. She has devoted herself exclusively to the practice areas of family law litigation and estate planning throughout her career. Her dedication and passion for legal research and her clients make for knowledgeable solutions with you in mind. She is available at any time to discuss your case and your options.

What sets us apart from other family law attorneys and law firms is that we are litigators. If mediation or settlements do not work for you, we are not afraid to take a case to court to protect your assets or your family. We will take the time to consult with you and review your case to ensure that we have formulated the best solution for your situation in your family matters as well as in your estate plans.